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The Official Catgirl Island Mews & Announcements for Apurril 2018, nya! 

Aloha Y'all and welcome to Catgirl Island, nya! It is already Spurringtime or season of Haru to put the "purr" in Apurril, nya! While it might have just recently been the windy, iced nippier climate on parts of the mainland, it is purretty much purrpetually lushly green and of the gently breezy, sunny bikini weather all year round here at our cherished outer banks island and the surrounding waters of Mew Hanover County, so we are happy to welcome the visitors who crave the beach, maritime forest, gardens, hot spurrings, and the various festivities, nya!

There are fun athletic purrsuits here such as the belly dance, hula dance, hot salsa dance, yoga, gymnastics, martial arts, kyudo, hiking, running, purrkour, orienteering, climbing, cycling, spurrlunking, golf, tennis, yarn ball lacrosse, softball, soccer, beach volleyball, swimming, diving, surfing, sailing,  and our local fishing forecast purrdicts the bumpurr crop of the Cobias, Croakers, Groupurrs, Mackerels, Snappurrs, Wahoos and Shrimp, nya! The flower of the month is the Daisy, which would be an appurropurriate garnish upon the plate, nya! 

The county's boutiques are brimming with the mew Spurring fashions of the purretty bikinis, maillots, purreos, sarongs, hijabs, sarees, ao dais, sun dresses, kimonos, yukatas, fundoshi, gi, hakama, shorts, tee shirts, halter tops, lingerie, robes, athletic bras, towels and wet suits, nya! The sizes range from the petitest pixy to the tallest taur, whilst backless and halter - neck styles are recommended for winged folks; and when purrchasing the gown, skirt, shorts, panty or fundoshi, make sure to see if it is has the kemonomimi tail hole in the back, nya! 

The market has restocked the more daring, translucent mermaid bras which are sustain-ably mer-made from the bells of naturally - deceased, locally - caught jellyfish, available in numerous iridescent colors and cup sizes, mew la la, nya! After the shopping, sight seeing, playtime, dining and catnaps, purrhaps y'all might like to see

the latest additions to the Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art, nya!

For those here for the first time, Galleries 1-8 of The Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art display images by Mike, whilst Guest Art Galleries 1-5 display images by other folks with their kind purrmissions, and Mike's collaborative images with other artists can be found throughout the mewseum, nya! The images include illustrations, photos and mixed medias, nya!

Some of the art might be sexy or depict the tasteful nudity or semi - nudity, but none of it is porn, nya! The most recent pics will be the lowermost row of the cropped widdle "thumbnail" sized portions of the pics in a gallery, and you have to click on those to see the uncropped full pics, nya! This month we have added 6 new pics to Guest Gallery 5, and 6 new pics to Gallery 8, nya!

Firstly In Guest Gallery 5 

we are pleased to purrsent "Taking Off" by Rebecca Brogden, nya! She used the pencil, pens & colored pencils on the toned papurr for this illustration of our friend Phannjynnasokaaia (purronounced FAN jen ah so kay ah) the winged faerie girl in the Green dress and gold boots who is about to go for the flight, nya! 

Phannjynnasokaaia is the editor of our local mewspapurr with the college degree in journalism, nya. She is single with no children, but dotes upon her twin nieces Amyrellyana & Amyrellyana, nya! Her hobbies are sunbathing, yoga, reading, carousing, gym work outs, flying and dancing; and her favorite foods are yams, pears, honey, chocolate, berry tea, cider and wine, nya!

Then we are delighted to display Rebecca's illustration of "Spring", nya! She used the pencil, pens & markers for this illustration of Bun's mom Millicent, the Eastern Cottontail bunny girl amongst the sunflowers, nya! She is married to her bunny boy husband Bobby, and they co-own the wonderful art supply shop at North end of the island's river walk, nya! 

They have two daughters Bun Melony; Melony & her husband Richard have three children Violet, Daisy & Bunina-chan, nya! Millicent was born here on March 1st, 1946; she speaks English, Spanish, Japanese; her hobbies are gardening, ikebana, painting, sculpting, pottery, baking, and she is a fan of various sports especially the beach volleyball matches of her daughter Bunnii, nya!

Aftr that is Rebecca's fan art of "Supergirl", nya! She used the pens & colored pencils on the toned papurr for this peppy, purretty illustration of Supergirl, who is Superman’s cousin from Krypton, nya! Supergirl's Kryptonian name is Kara Zor-El, but here on Earth her secret identity is Kara Danvers, nya. She first appurred in Action Comics #252 in 1959, so 2019 will be her 60th anniversary, nya!

Nextly we are elated to exhibit Rebecca's illustration of the "Wood Mage", nya! She used the pens & colored pencils on the toned papurr for this illustration of Ydis (purrnounced Ee-diss) the frisky, peppy Platinum Blonde deer girl wearing the sexy front - lace, bare - midriff Red gown with the Green panty, Brown thigh boots and the wooden staff leaning against the tree stump nya!

She was born in Sogn og Fjordane county in Norway, and resides here as the druid in residence at Mew Hanover College, nya! She speaks Norwegian, Sami, Kven, Rodi, Romani, Sylvan, and English; whilst her areas of expurrtise are zoology, botany, geology, hydrology, climatology,  tracking, wilderness survival, folklore, magick and environmental law, nya!

Then we have "Mirror Universe M'Ress" fan art by Emily Yacuzzos, who we met at WhatTheHell?! Con, nya! We could not resist the oppurrtunity to commission this inked sketch of Star Trek's most famous Caitian catgirl, Shiboline M'Ress, who appurred in the 1973 animated Star Trek series, nya! 

Voiced by Majel Barrett, M'Ress M'Ress was one of Captain Kirk's Communications Officer Lieutenants, but in this fan art of her meaner mirror universe version, we imagined her as the Captain in command of the Impurrial Star Ship Enterpurrise, wearing the sleeveless, bare-midriff uniform whilst peppily pondering her next purrey to pounce upon, nya!

Then to top this month's batch of guest art is 'Getting Ready for the Game" which is by Meesha DJ Walker, nya! We were glad to see her again at the NC Comicon: Oak City and at WhatTheHell?! Con, nya! She used the colored pencils and the Copic Markers for this 9x12" illustration of herself posing so powerfully, beautifully and gloriously in the floral purrint White string bikini at our beach, purrior to the epic volleyball match with her purrtner Bliss against Bun and I, nya!

Mike used Photoshop CS2 and the mouse for this illustration of our friends "Na Ling and Ji Yun", who are twin muntjac deer girl sisters who bartend at the Catgirl Island Purrforming Arts Center, nya! Seen here in their Orange bikinis and sheer purreos, Na Ling (left) and Ji Yun are (right) are kind, industrious, cheerful fans of anime, manga & video games, but have some different tastes in mewsic, sports and food, nya!

After that is Mike's illustration of "Zel" an original character created by TonomuraBix, nya! Bix is an illustrator / cosplayer who was a guest for our March 2008 Mew, nya! Zel is the stoic, tough, ruthless, athletic, secret agent with special abilities, nya. Here she is spying at a fancy party, wearing the strapless Black evening gown, with the plate armor on her Left arm, the short - sleeved Black shrug jacket, strappy Black high stiletto - heeled sandals, as she warily scrutinizes the party's other guests, nya!

Then we have Mike's "Hoop It Up", which is his latest illustration of Sharon Williams's fan - senshi character Tanya Cambridge, a.k.a. Sailor Sirius, and Jeff Branch's fan - senshi character Talia Jasmine Kirk, a.k.a. Sailor Vulcan, nya! Pawsing from their basketball game, Talia is on the left in the #19 jersey, and Tanya is on the right in the #59 jersey, nya! 

Sharon was the November 2014 guest of The Mew, and y'all can read her wonderful original fantasy fiction at Shaon's DeviantArt gallery; Jeff was the May 2008 guest of The Mew, and his extensive fan - site devoted to the pop mewsic duo Pink Lady is Pink Lady America, nya! 

Nextly we have the "Dominatrix Catgirl", nya! At WhatTheHell?!Con in March of 2018, a nekomimi friend commissioned Mike to do this this illustration of her girlfriend who described the alluring attire, of the studded Black corset with the strappy slit skirt and the machete, nya! Mike used the pencil, colored pencils, pens & markers for this pic, nya. The scan of this pic was color - corrected in Photoshop CS2 with the mouse, nya.

"Velvet Dress Catgirl" was another illustration done at WhatTheHell?!Con, nya! Anorther delightful nekomimi commissioned this inked sketch of herself, nya! She asked to be depicted in the bell-sleeved, short, low-cut, velvet dress with the calf-high boots and the large puffy tail, nya! She was happy with the art, but Mike parted with it before he could scan it, so this image is a digital re-creation done in Photoshop CS2 with the mouse, nya!

Lastly but not leastly, "Succubus Catgirl" was another commission at WhatTheHell?!Con, nya! The lovely client was dressed just like in the illustration, in the outfit brimming with the straps, studs, grommets 'n zuppurrs, nya! She had the cute fangs too, and for this illustration she requested the added kitty ears 'n tail as she posed gleefully to pounce upon her pending purrey in the garden at twilight, nya! Mike used the pencil, colored pencils, pens 'n markers' and the scan was color - corrected in Photoshop CS2 with the mouse, nya. It is also time for --

the Apurril 2018 edition of The Mew, nya!

The Mew is short for The Catgirl Critics' Media Mewsings, our local monthly "show" in which The Ladies of the Mew and our 'Purrducer' Mike discuss fun stuff, nya! The Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight shines upon more kemonomimi toys & collectibles, whilst the Lightning Round Topic purrtains to our favorite fun stuff of 1968, nya!

The collectibles & toy reviews include the Transformers: Power of the Primes MoonRacer action figure, Marvel Legends Gwenpool, Spider-Woman, X-23 and Domino action figures, nya! The movie & DVD reviews include Pacific Rim Uprising, A Wrinkle in Time, Red Sparrow, the Star Wars The Last Jedi  Blu-Ray, and the Thor: Ragnarok DVD + Blu-Ray, nya!

The book, comic book & manga mewsings include Elfquest: The Final Quest #24, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #63 & 64, My Little Pony: Legends of Magic #11 & 12, Princeless: Raven the Pirate Princess: Year 2 #4, Monster Musume vol. 13, Flying Witch vol. 5, Spice & Wolf vol. 15; and the Elvira Mistress of the Dark hardcover coffee table book, nya! To top off The Mew are reports on  the 2018 NCComicon: Oak City and 2018 WhatTheHell?! Con, nya!

Arigato gozaimasu, nya!
We wish to thank our friend and web master Jamie Robertson who is also the creator of the web comic Clan of the Cats, and the web master of the FemShep fan site devoted to the female version of the Mass Effect video game's heroic Commander Shepard, nya! A while back Jamie also re-gained our older URL of catgirlisland dot com to serve as the identical mirror site to catgirlisland dot net, nya!

We also wish to expurress our gratitude to our friends and families for their purrticipations and support, and we appurreciate all of y'all for web surfing to our cordial coastal Carolina community which is full of southern hospurrtality and artistic aloha spirit nya! Arigato Gozaimasu, nya!

- your friendly neighborhood concierges at Catgirl Island Visitors Center, nya!

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